Cinema Hire

  • $490 CINEMA 3
  • $550 CINEMA 2
  • $650 CINEMA 1
  • ($10 per seat)
  • THURSDAY extra $70 per cinema

Add Ons

  • $4 POPCORN
  • $30 per bottle of wine
  • $8 Tuatara beer range
  • *Food packages available on request

Hire a Cinema for Fundraiser or Corporate Events

The Empire has three cinemas available for you to hire for your fundraiser, corporate event, or in fact any special event you’d like to host.

Generally we take bookings for groups between 49 and 65 people on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The Empire Eatery is fully licensed and offers a wide range of local and international beer, wine and spirits.

All food and beverages can be enjoyed in the eatery or taken into the cinema to savour as you watch your movie.

Fundraising has never been simpler. It’s a lot less work than a sausage sizzle and a great night out for all.

Fundraiser Example

$25 tickets, 65 tickets sold (cinema 1)

$25 x 65 = $1,625

$1,625 – $650 = $975

Total funds raised $975 (plus any add ons)


If you’re interested in hosting your next event at the Empire, or need further information please contact¬†Nick, nick@empirecinema.nz

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